Desktop Water Purification System

Desktop Water Purification System

The range of equipment Autwomatic Plus 1+2, supplies RO water Type III, Purified water Type II and Ultrapure Water Type I (according to ASTM standards), of the highest quality, from three independent dispensers, including the highest technologies for production and quality control of Purified Water.


Three qualities of water on a single Equipment, from tap water:

  • Ultrapure Water (Type I)
  • Purified water (Type II)
  • Osmotized Water (Type III)


Stages of water purification

  • Osmotic Water (Type III)
    • Pretreatment: System of particle filters and activated carbon that remove particles (5 µm), chlorine, colloids and organic material.
    • Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis module of high eciency and performance, that provides with a production rate of 3/5/10 liters per hour (depending on model), removing 95-98% of dissolved inorganic salts,> 99% dissolved organic material (PM> 100 dalton) and 99.95% of microorganisms and particles.
    • Accumulation of Osmotic Water: The water Permeate reverse osmosis module collects it in a pressurized, sealed opaque tank that keeps it out of contact with light and air, preserving it from possible contamination. Available pressurized 10, 30 and 50 liters tanks.
  • Purified Water (Type II)
    • Deionization: A bed of ion exchange resins of high eciency, removes the few ions from water permeate reverse osmosis module. The result is a water conductivity of 1 µS/cm
    • Final Filter 0.22 µm: Encapsulated filter that ensures a bacterial count <1 cfu/ml
  • Ultrapure Water (Type I)
    • Ultrapurification Module: The Type II Water produced in the deionization module, flows through a Ultrapurification module, thus reducing trace levels of ionic contaminants.
    • Foto-Oxidation Module: Reduces organic contamination at trace level, emitting ultraviolet radiation at 254 nm with germicidal action and 185 nm radiation capable of generating hydroxyl free radicals, which oxidize the organic compounds dissolved in water, into carbonate and bicarbonate ions. These ions will be retained by the Refining Ion module, removing traces of ions in ultrapure water and thus obtaining a resistivity of 18.2 MΩcm.
    • Polishing Module: Reduction of organic matter (TOC) removing traces of ions in Ultrapure Water, to obtain a resistivity of 18.2 MΩcm.
    • Ultrafiltration Module (Autwomatic Plus 1+2 GRUF Version): a hydrophyllic membrane of encapsulated hollow fiber, with a large filtering surface, eliminates the pyrogens and nucleases in the water. Final Filter 0.22 µm: Encapsulated filter that ensures a bacterial count <1 cfu/ml


  • Dispensation
    • The 1 + 2 Autwomatic Plus dispenses three water qualities independently. It allows three types of dispensing:
      • Continuous
      • Volume wise
      • Time control
  • Monitoring
    • Through a touch screen of 4.3”, the Autwomatic Plus 1 + 2 monitors all the parameters of the water purication process of the equipment.
    • Water Quality
      • Measurement of the feeding water conductivity (µS/cm)
      • Measurement of the water permeate reverse osmosis module conductivity (µS/cm)
      • % perfomance of the reverse osmosis module
      • Measurement of the Type II Water conductivity (µS/cm)
      • Measurement of the produced Type I Water Resistivity (MΩcm)
      • Temperature of the water (ºC)
    • Parameter Control
      • Hours of installation and working for each item .
      • Total liters produced
        Hours of operation of the equipment
  • Security
    • The system has a user password to allow access to different parts of the menu, as well as for parameterization of the conductivity warning.
  • Automatisms
    • Automatic operation depending on the volume of stored water.
    • System features:
      • Stop due to water cut
      • Cleaning of the osmosis membrane
      • Programmable Type I Water
      • Recirculation
      • Inability to dispense Type I Water with less than a preset resistivity.
    • The system warns about the change of consumables as well as abnormalities such as inlet water cut, or malfunction of the measuring sensors.
  • Maintenance, sanitization and calibration
    • Easy to use and maintain system.
    • Very quick fungible change, with cartridges with fast connection and anti-drip system.
    • Possibility of sanitizing the hydraulic circuit.
    • Equipment calibrated by certified standard traceable to national standards of the German DKD.


  • Ultrapure Water (Type I)
    • Autwomatic 1+2 Plus GR Version
      • Water Quality at 25ºC: Resistivity 18.2 MΩ·cm, TOC < 3 ppb, Bacteria < 1 ufc/ml, Particles < 0.22 µm.
      • Applications: Analytical methods such as analysis of organic and inorganic traces, HPLC, ICP-MS, IC and TOC analysis
    • Autwomatic Plus 1+2 GRUF Version
      • Water Quality at 25ºC: Resistivity 18.2 MΩ·cm, TOC< 3 ppb, Bacteria < 1 ufc/ml, Endotoxines < 0.03 (IU/ml), Particles < 0.22 µm, RNases y DNases removal.
      • Applications: Molecular Biology, Cell Culture, PCR, DNA sequencing, Monoclonal Antibody Production.
  • Purified water (Type II)
    • Water Quality at 25ºC: Conductivity < 1 µS/cm, TOC< 50 ppb, Bacteria < 1 ufc/ml, Particles < 0.22 µm,
    • Applications: Preparation of microbiological culture media, Preparation of reagents and buers. RIA / ELISA, Atomic Absorption-Flame, Spectrophotometry.
  • Osmotic Water
    • Water Quality Osmotic Water: Removal of 95-98% dissolved inorganic salts, > 99% of dissolved organic matter (PM> 100 dalton), >99,95% microorganisms and particles.
    • Applications: Feeding of autoclaves and cleaning equipment, Cleaning glassware material.


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