On-Line TOC Analyzer

On-Line TOC Analyzer

World’s-First Ultra Slim TOC Analyzer using Mercury-free Excimer Lamp.
New Advanced Active Path Technology.


Shimadzu eTOC has very high sensitivity and low detection limits, reaching 0.1 µg/L, making it perfectly suitable for ultra-pure water measurement.

The eTOC is the first TOC analyzer in the world to use a mercury-free excimer lamp. Excimer lamps emit high-energy 172 nm wavelength light by inducing a dielectric barrier discharge within a xenon gas.

The eTOC also features new “Active-Path” technology for transferring energy from the lamp to the sample. It efficiently irradiates the sample inside the lamp with ultraviolet light to reliably oxidize organic matter.


  • Reliability to support regulations
    • Shimadzu eTOC Supports regulations in major pharmacopeias, such as:
      • United States Pharmacopoeia,
      • USP 645
      • European Pharmacopeia, EP 2.2.44
      • IP 2.4.30
      • Japan Pharmacopeia, JP 16 2.59 Monographs for purified water
  • Security functionality for supporting data management
    • User Authentication
      • Users can be authenticated based on an ID and password.
      • User access rights are controlled to four user levels.
    • Operation/Event log
      • All operations performed by operators, measurement value alarms; Instrument errors and other operating events are recorded.
    • LabSolutions Compatibility
      • Daily report summarizing results of each day & an operation log can be exported to a LabSolutions Database via a network.
      • Data from multiple eTOC analyzers and data from other analytical instruments can be managed centrally together

  • Export data in an easily readable/usable format
    • Text File
    • Daily Report (PDF file)
    • Print Output
    • External Input/Output
    • LAN Network
  • Large indicator and display on the small casing
    • The world’s smallest and lightest cabinet is equipped with the industry’s biggest 7inch Color Touch Panel, simplifying operations and making measurement values easy to read


  • Model:- TOC-1000e
  • Measured Items:- TOC, Conductivity (or Specific Resistance) and Temperature
  • Principle/Method:- UV Oxidation-Conductivity Method
  • Sample water conditions:- Temp.: 10 to 50°C,
  • Flowrate: 30 to 500 mL/min, Conductivity: < 2 S/cm
  • Measuring cycle:- 2.5 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr, 2 hrs, 4 hrs, 12 hrs, or 24 hrs
  • Measuring Range:- TOC: 0 to 2000 µg/L, Conductivity: 0.023 to 206 µS/cm (without temperature correction), Temp.: 10 to 50°C
  • Detection Limit:- TOC: 0.1 µg/L
  • Accuracy: TOC:- ±5 % (500 µg/L sucrose), Conductivity: ±2 % (147 µS/cm at 25°C), Temp.: ±0.5 °C (at 25°C)
  • Repeatability:- TOC: CV = 1 % or SD = 0.3 g/L, whichever is greater
  • Linearity: TOC:- R2 = 0.98
  • Calibration:- Creates a 4-point calibration curve automatically
  • Outputs:- USB drive, printer, LAN (file or Internet), Modbus (TCP/IP), analog, or contact
  • Analog Output:- 4 to 20 mA output, three channels from TOC, conductivity, specific resistance, or temperature
  • Contact Output:- Alarm: Measurement value alarm, device alarm, serious failure, or power supply interruption. Event: Ready for measurement, measuring, and analog synchronization signal
  • Contact Input:- Start measurement
  • Display:- 7-inch color touch panel
  • Installation Site Requirements:- Indoors, with 10 to 40°C ambient temperatures. Tabletop, wall-mounted*4 or pole-mounted
  • Dimensions:- W270 × D140 × H180 mm
  • Weight:- 2.88Kg
  • Calibration Frequency:- 1 Year
  • Excimer Lamp Replacement Frequency:- 1 Year


Measure Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in Pure water


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