The RMS Converter allows you to integrate existing devices and networks into the RMS. The RMS Converter acts as an interface, gathering the data of the devices and sending them to the RMS server software. This way, existing ROTRONIC products with a digital interface can be integrated into the world of the RMS in just a few, easy steps. With a USB dongle, the Converter can be enhanced to a gateway, and can connect to data loggers by wireless link. In addition, external digital OEM devices can be integrated, if desired.


• Can integrate digital OEM devices seamlessly in RMS
• Can be extended at any time, using customer-specific software features
• Compatible with all HC2-generation devices, RMS server software, and RMS Cloud
• Conforms to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / GAMP5


For comprehensive monitoring in production and storage facilities of pharmaceutical and food industries.



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