WFI Distillation Stills

WFI Distillation Stills

  • The units comply with international standards as cGMP, USP, ISPE, ASME BPE and other, international regulations.
  • Standard steam heated multi-effect units are available up to 7000 L/h WFI production with 7 or 8 columns
  • Aqua Zero Multi- and Single-effects are the most reliable units on the market with a distillate quality exceeding the specifications of USP, EP and JP for “Water For Injection”.


  • Low steam velocity to avoid dragging over of water droplets to the distillate side.
  • A multiple step droplet separation by low velocity in combination with a regulated Column water level and true cyclone.
  • Heat exchangers fully submerged in water giving a tensionless operation.
  • Proportional regulation of steam and water supplies for automatic adaption to Variating conditions.
  • High accessibility for easy service.
  • This design has proven to be extremely reliable and result in a very low Life Time Cost.
  • Also this design has had a number of followers over the years.


  • Droplet separation by Low steam velocity & cyclone:
    • An average low steam velocity of 1 m/sec is achieved as the width of the column diameters are related to the clean steam physical volume in the columns, allowing a droplet separation by gravity thus avoiding carryover of particles and pyrogens to the clean, distillate side.
    • In the final step cyclone separation takes place to ‘polish’ the quality of the pure steam.
  • Float type Heat Exchangers:
    • AQUA-ZERO ‘float type’ heat exchangers are fully submerged in the boiler water which ensures a tensionless operation with free expansion and contraction avoiding cracks, pin holes and/or exhaustion in welds or materials.
    • The thermo-siphon effect with natural circulation increases the efficiency.
    • The exchanger tubes are both expanded and welded to the tube sheet for long life time of the exchangers.
  • Proportional media regulation:
    • All media are regulated proportionally for a stable balance between the columns under variable conditions of WFI and/or PS production especially during COMBI operation.
  • Service and maintenance:
    • The units are designed for high accessibility and easy dismantling for service and maintenance. The use of internationally, proven valves and components ensures a good function and long life time.
    • By the column sight glasses internal inspection can be made without dismantling.
  • Flexible design and COMBI function:
    • The units are tailor made to meet the client’s individual, specific demands and the required WFI + PS production.
    • The units can be designed to produce almost any quantity of Pure Steam without affecting the WFI production.


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